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Character K9s is located on our working farm in the heart of Wisconsin dairy country. We have been dairy farming and breeding quality German Shepherds since 1965. We invite you to stop in and see our facilities. Visitors are always welcome.

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Top Quality - Character K9s Farm

Quality German Shepherds with outstanding pedigrees at 1/3 the price of competitors. Farming in rural Wisconsin is a way of life, not a get rich scheme. We feel other people should be able to enjoy the same things we do without having to pay 2-3 times more. Check pedigrees and prices. If you find something better and cheaper, buy it. This is what we all do.

We like dogs and German Shepherds are my favorite. After 35 years of training and involvement with German Shepherds, I still have enthusiasm for their striking stature, power, intelligence and working ability. The German Shepherd's ability to learn and perform a task still amazes me.

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